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Interior PaintingA newly painted room can change the whole feel of your home. A new coat of paint can make a room appear larger, more inviting, and more homely. With our complimentary design consolations we can help you find a color that can make any room in your home your new favorite. Every surface is properly prepared and primed before any paint is applied and all non-painted surfaces, from your flooring to your furniture, is covered and protected. High-quality, zero-VOC paint provides minimum fumes and fast drying time, allowing you to use occupy the room the same day it is painted.

All companies will promise you a quality paint job at a low cost, but we can promise you a peace of mind. We understand that having strangers in your home can be a little unnerving but we promise that you can feel comfortable with our employees in your home. Every job site has a foreman overseeing the project at all times, along with daily supervision by the operations manager and company owner. This allows for the highest quality of painting due to the amount of supervision we have in place.

Residential PaintingWe take pride in every job whether it is painting your entire home to touching up a few doors and baseboards. When painting someone’s home we understand that there might be furniture and flooring that needs to be moved and protected. We have developed a system for painting your home that involves extra preparation time while reducing actual paint time, meaning that all of surfaces that will not be painted are completely covered.

The most important part of painting your home is the surface preparation required to get the most out of your new finish. All surfaces are patched, sanded, and primed before we a drop of paint is applied. This allows for the paint to dry quickly and evenly while making the wall itself more smooth and appealing.

We only use the highest quality of paints, meaning our standard paint is fast drying and zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds), minimizing the toxic vapor emitted from a freshly painted surface. We understand that having to vacate your home so it can be painted is a pain, but with our services we can guarantee that your project will be completed as efficiently as possible while still providing highest quality services. All of our jobsites have full-time onsite supervisor so that all of our painting projects are completed without any misunderstandings or issues, such as application of the wrong color.

Exterior PaintingSome say that the first impression is the most important and the first thing someone see when coming to your home is the exterior walls. A fresh paint job as the power to completely transform the look of your house in a less time and at a lower cost than any other project. In southwest Florida the exterior of your home is subjected to high UV rays and high levels of moisture and humidity. A freshly primed and painted home can protect the deeper levels of your walls by applying these protective layers.

All exterior surfaces are surface prepared before applying any paint. Your exterior surfaces will be pressure washed, patched, and primed in order to ensure the highest quality finish. The typical exterior home requires two coats of paint over the primed layer, which is the minimum amount of coats that we apply to any exterior. If required by your home owners association all exterior colors can be pre-approved before being applied to your home. Unlike the average painting company, all of our exterior jobs are completed using high-quality water proofing materials. We only use the highest quality paints that have the longest durability and provide the best protection or the exterior of your home.

In southwest Florida a lot of the homes look similar, but some people prefer a custom home and a custom home needs a custom paint job. Tray ceilings, custom doors, crown molding, and additional walls are all components of a custom home and we can paint them all. Any feature of a house can be upgraded and remodeled which requires construction and fresh paint.

Even if your home is a new construction custom home, we can paint it. A custom home deserves the highest quality of service and paint and we have both. We offer free design consultations for color selection and work closely with designers who can help you turn your custom home into your dream home.

There are professionals in all fields. Much like we are professional painters there are also professional designers and working on designer homes is a specialty of ours. Whether you have a project manager, a designer, or would like us to manage your project we have experience doing it all.

Working with a designer to get the most out of your space can be a crucial part of making your house a home. The painting of everything from walls and ceilings to trim and furniture can completely change the look of a room. Designer homes require the highest quality paint and painters and we provide both at an excellent price. From newly constructed homes to renovations and remodels we can help you get the most out of your designer home.

By definition, a luxury homes is not cheap and with a quality home you need a quality paint job. Whether your luxury home is a multi-million dollar property or a single family home we have you covered with professional painters and top quality paint. A luxury home has add-ons and amenities that a standard home typically does not.

These amenities and additions to your home are there to compliment the appearance of your home and should have a pristine and fresh look. Even if your home is a new construction luxury home, we can paint it. We offer free design consultations for color selection and work closely with designers who can help you turn your luxury home into your dream home.

Many Southwest Floridians either own a condo, in which they live year round, or are seasonal residents and rent their condo out to tenants each year. Regardless of your situation we understand that your condo is an investment. Just like any investment, it is important to maintain your investment.

A freshly painted interior will only add to the value of your condo, but it can transform the living space into a clean and inviting space that either you or your tenant would be proud to call home. Our painting teams understands that protecting your flooring, appliances, and furniture is extremely important so our company spends extra preparation time to make sure all surfaces are protected. Our company only uses the highest quality of paints, which results in the highest quality of paint jobs for your condo.

It has been said that the American dream is shifting. What used to be a dream of owning a home, the younger generations are more inclined to rent properties. This trend means that the demand for apartments has been increasing. The demand for apartments is apparent even here in Southwest Florida where new apartments are complexes are popping up everywhere. Whether your apartment is new construction or an older property that is in need of repaint we have you covered.

Interior or exterior, our professional teams of painters have experience with both. Our company knows how important a lasting paint job is and with our top quality paint and services we promise a long lasting finish. Painting the exterior of an apartment complex is similar to atypical exterior paint job but does have unique features that must be addressed. These additional services that are necessary for painting the exterior apartment building include: stucco repair, rust prevention, and waterproofing. We even go as far as to include hand rails, which must be sanded, primed and painted using rust proof paint. If your apartment buildings are in need of a fresh new look and a quality paint job we can help with all of your painting needs.

Buying a new home is a big sense of accomplishment and excitement. What a great feeling it is to be the first and only person to use your new home, especially when you’ve put so much thought and effort into selecting colors, appliances, fixtures, etc.., to suit your own individual taste.

Selecting colors for your new home is an exciting process, but at times can be a little overwhelming, with so many colors and finishes to choose from. We work directly with professional interior designers who can help guide you to getting the most out of your new home

. Whether your taste is subdued, bold, or somewhere in between, we will gladly help you select the perfect colors that will add character and beauty to your new home. Whether our painters need to work during the construction process or after once the dust has settled. We are accustomed to working with both new construction homes and repaints.

Buying a new home is a big sense of accomplishment and excitement. What a great feeling it is to be the first and only person to use your new home, especially when you’ve put so much thought and effort into selecting colors, appliances, fixtures, etc.., to suit your own individual taste.

A major part of Southwest Florida’s economy is the tourist industry, meaning people are looking for a place to stay for a few weeks or months out of the year. Whether you are a home owner or a renter, sometimes a rental home needs touch up painting or just a fresh coat over the existing color. From complete repaints to touching up baseboards and doors, we can make any rental home look as good as new.

If you are looking to increase your property value, the repainting of a rental home can transform the look and feel of your property. Some fresh, updated colors and a new coat of paint can increase the appeal of any home. With our high quality painting services and free design consultation, your home can be the highlight of someone’s vacation.

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