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Painting and Painters
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Painting and Painters

Painting and Painters in and near Naples Florida

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your availability and lead time?

Having a fully staffed crew and our experience in managing projects we are able to efficiently complete your project when you need it done. This means that if you need something finished right away, we have a crew that can do it.

Do you have a list of References?
We understand that are unprofessional companies out there that don't respect your property and time. No one wants to work with a company like that. To give you some piece of mind, we have a list of references that will tell you the truth about our company and the quality of service. We are even on the popular website if you need additional references. References are available upon request.
Is your painting crew English speaking?
 All of our jobsites have an onsite supervisor who is bilingual, meaning that you always have someone on site who you can communicate with. Our owner frequents all jobsites throughout the course of the project, so we are always available to answer any questions or concerns.
Do you have onsite supervision?
Every jobsite has a dedicated supervisor, along with an operations manager and owner supervision. This means that there is someone who understands the ins and outs of every project onsite at all times. With our supervision system there is minimal miscommunication which allows for efficient and high-quality service.
How much experience does your painting crew have?
Our owner, who is a part of every project, has been in the industry for almost 20 years. We have painted everything and anything that can be painted, so we can handle any job. Every painting crew has a senior member and a supervisor who are able to guarantee only the highest quality work.
Is your company licensed and insured?
It is very common to get an underpriced bid on a project because the owner of the company is not properly licensed and insured. Even if they have insurance and licensing they might only have it for two employees, but they can have over 4 on your jobsite. If something to happen to your property or an employee that is on your property you might not have the proper protection. We are not one of these companies, we make sure that all of our employees are insured and our licensing shows that we are a legitimate company with experience and knowledge in our trade.
Should I be in my home/business during the project?
This is up to your discretion. We only higher genuinely good people in our company. We have a trustworthy staff that have all been with us for years and we are family owned and operated company. With our three tiers of supervision, there is always someone accountable for the jobsite, meaning that your property is safe with us.
Painting and Painters
Painting and Painters
Painting and Painters
Painting and Painters
Painting and Painters

























Painting and Painters

Painting and Painters FL
Painting and Painters Florida


Painting and Painters Naples
Painting and Painters Naples FL
Painting and Painters Naples Florida
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Painting and Painters Bonita Springs Florida
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